Root Canal Treatment Bowmanville

Root Canal Treatment Bowmanville

Who do you trust when you need root canal treatment in Bowmanville? If your dentist is unable to provide specialized dental services, you'll most likely see a stranger if you have dental care needs that extend beyond regular checkups, cleanings, and fillings.

Your neighbours rely on Clarington Dental Centre for a broad range of dental services, including composite fillings, restorative dentistry, root canal treatment, and so much more. Providing a full range of care in a single location means you'll save time and money at the dentist – and who doesn't love to save?

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Treatment In Bowmanville?

While symptoms can vary from one patient to the next, there are some tell-tale signs to indicate the presence of a tooth infection that may require a root canal:

  • The presence of pain during biting pressure
  • Severe sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • An abscess adjacent to the suspected tooth.

Don't wait – call our office at Clarington Dental Centre and come in for a same-day examination with x-rays to determine whether you need a root canal in Bowmanville. We offer a relaxing dental experience to patients so that there's no need to fear a root canal performed in our office.

Will I Need a Crown After Root Canal Treatment In Bowmanville?

The process of saving a tooth through root canal treatment often leaves the tooth vulnerable, which is why, in many cases, the procedure is followed by crown placement, primarily if the tooth in question is one located in the back of the mouth. Grinding teeth assume a significant amount of biting pressure, which the crown is better apt to handle, compared with the compromised tooth, having gone through a root canal. Modern, porcelain crowns last up to 30 years, making them an excellent investment in your smile. Our team from Clarington Dental Centre will go over treatment options with you when you come in for a root canal in Bowmanville.

Is a Root Canal Expensive?

Root Canal treatment in Bowmanville saves the tooth, thereby saving you money over the cost of dental prosthetics. Consider the price of a partial or dental implant to replace the missing tooth, and you'll appreciate the value of a root canal in full. At Clarington Dental Centre, we offer flexible financing options to help you pay for dental work, including root canal treatment. Also, feel free to verify your insurance benefits over the phone with our staff or when you come in for treatment - we'll help you make the most out of your coverage.

A Comfortable Root Canal Awaits In Bowmanville

Don't let the fear of pain keep you from seeing the dentist. We'll keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout treatment with anxiety-free sedation. Advanced dentistry practiced at Clarington Dental Centre improves your patient experience every time you need to see the dentist.

Root Canal Treatment Bowmanville
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